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Water Fed Pole System

We are one of the few companies that use the Water Fed Pole System, which is a revolutionary window cleaning method that relies on a cutting-edge filtration system that produces 99.9% pure water. When this super-purified water is regularly used to clean your windows, unlike traditional methods, it leaves behind zero residues, ensuring that your windows remain sparkling clean even longer. No detergent residue means that windows do not get dirty as quickly.

The Water Fed Pole System is the preferred method of window cleaning, as it is eco-friendly using no chemicals or detergents. The pure water used by this system is completely harmless to your property, gardens, and the environment. This system also eliminates the need for ladders, as telescopic poles can reach windows up to 70 feet above the ground, therefore reducing the risk of injury and property damage. The Water Fed Pole System also allows cleaners to access windows that were not accessible by ladder, resulting in a better, overall, clean, go visit bigcitymaids.com

We could use the older, traditional methods of window cleaning, but we feel they are no longer needed in light of this new technology. As our goal is to provide our customers with the best service possible, we will use the best equipment available and that is the Water Fed Pole System.

Water Fed Pole System Explained:

The telescopic Water Fed Pole System is a cutting edge window cleaning method. Ordinary water is full or sediments and minerals, which, if left to dry on the surface of a window, would cause spots and streaks. For residential window cleaning, the Water Fed Pole System commonly utilizes the water spigot at the client’s home as its water source and a contractor grade garden hose to feed the water through to the filtration system.

The Water Fed Pole System uses that three-stage purification method coupled with reverse osmosis and deionization to ensure the purity of the water used to clean the windows. The pre-filter stage is best designed to take out rust and sedimentary deposits that might be present in the water source. The second stage carbon filter acts to filters out lead deposits and any microorganisms present in the water. And the third stage is a carbon-black filter, which filters out almost everything except for the minerals in the water. The final result, and what is used to clean the windows, is pure water, free of contaminants, minerals, detergents, and chemicals.