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Our mission and vision:

Ensuring customer satisfaction 100% of the time.

416 Window Cleaning promises to provide the highest level of service and a customer-centred business model. We do this by training and developing our employees overtime; using high-end, modern equipment and technology to ensure the best result; and focusing on the things that matter to our customers. It is often the little things that matter the most, so we pay attention to the details. We go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied before we leave any job as this work is not about us, it is about YOU! Working with us is extremely fun and easy as our focus is on what is most convenient for you. That’s the reason why all of our clients love us!

Why Our Clients Love Us!

416 Window Cleaning is not your ordinary cleaning service.
This is why…
  • We consistently offer a high level of service!
  • When you call us for a FREE estimate, 416 will actually pick up the phone!
  • Next, we provide you with your personalized quote including various packages!
  • Our fully trained professionals show up on time and perform the work!
  • Once that’s completed, nothing is left behind but a sparkle and shine!
  • Lastly, We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, yup that’s right! You pay NOTHING if you’re not 100% satisfied!
Our #1 Priority is our customers! We are a customer service based company that just happens to do window cleaning.

We use modern technology to clean your windows to ensure a better, more efficient result.


Call us now and we promise you’ll see a difference!

99% Clients Us

Our Commitment To You

We won’t stop until you’re satisfied with our work. Where most are looking forward to the next job, our main concern is YOU, the customer.